April 10, 2017

"Always good, fresh bakery and bread. Staff is always helpful and friendly!"
February 2, 2017

"Vienna bread is unbeatable. Hard rolls to die for. They have a garlic infused bread that is perfect for soup."
August 22, 2016

"During our visit to Sheboygan, we explored the somewhat unusually tranquil main street shopping district in late March. On the fringes of the shopping area on Michigan Ave., the City Bakery stands out as one of the most distinguished buildings on its block. We stopped in to see what they have. Their display window is rather boring for a bakery, with some plastic bunnies and somewhat tacky decor, but once inside you see what they are all about. Breads of all kinds, cookies, brownies, apple pie by the sheet pan and rolls. There's a separate case they have on display just for all the different types of breads that they offer so you know what they look like. Above the bread counter on the wall, there is even a framed wooden model of the bakery storefront made from assorted pieces of colored wood. We came around 8 AM to get a loaf of raisin bread and a seeded whole grain bead, which is my favorite thing when I buy it at a farmers market. To our disappointment there were few breads available since they were still too hot to cut or still in the oven. The lady asked what we wanted and took our names down. When we were done at the resort and on our way out of town, we came back to the bakery. Sure enough, they set aside the loaves of bread for us. I also got a peach fritter. The bread was just the way I like it and not too heavy like some whole-seeded breads. The fritter was good but I've had better ones elsewhere. And my younger son got a plain vanilla long john, which was maybe 1-1/2 times the size of a Dunkin Donut equivalent. City Bakery had a constant stream of customers each time we came in here. They got a good product and it's made fresh, so no complaints there. If you're looking for fresh bread in Sheboygan, this is the place."
August 22, 2016

"The hard rolls and cherry fritters are too die for! There artisan bread is excellent soft on inside and crusty on the outside."
August 22, 2016

"Would give it 5 stars if the customer service was great.The best way to help first-time customers or customers at all is not rushing them or starring at you every second once you step in the store. And it would be nice to actually smile too while talking to your customers. Other than that the Bake goodies look decent and they taste Great."